Tyler Green: The Interview


Little Jeremy of Year 9 is on his way to the Cafe after a productive lesson in Social studies. He is planning to meet up with his best Year 9 friends, all new to the school, Pettie, Bobbie and Relo. The four of them are anticipating a relaxing lunchtime in the Cafe. It would be relaxing, if it weren’t for the other daily students of the Cafe’s boundaries.

It’s the same deal in the Cafe every lunchtime. Most people are seeking relaxation, a quiet place to sit with friends and enjoy a balanced lunch from the convenient School Cafe.  Unfortunately this utopia-style idea of enjoying your lunchtime is tarnished, because this isn’t the ideal way to spend one’s time for all the Cafe’s inhabitants, and in some cases the antics from these people are completely out of hand.

One Tyler Green, a well-liked pupil of the Year 12 group, is a common face in the Cafeteria at lunchtime. On some occasions I visit the area, I experience Tyler’s extremely unusual traditional welcomes. “GOOD DAY!” he yells at me on one occasion,  before pacing up with his hand out as if he were offering me. His yelling sends a ripple through the room, like the epicentre of a large earthquake, and suddenly everyone is staring at him. He doesn’t seem to mind the people around us staring in oar, some possibly choking, as he somehow hoists himself on top of two people’s shoulders and starts vigorously bellydancing the air in front of him.

This is a daily routine with Tyler, his welcomes never fails to impress or shock. However one thing is constant, his tendency to shout “GOOD DAY!”  at any given time, even in the early mornings or straight after school.

I sat down with a few friends of Tyler Green in the comlabs, to discuss Tyler’s often shocking and humorous antics.

A close friend of Tyler Green (who for perfectly reasonable reasons chose to stay anonymous in the writing of this article), curiously sat down with me in the Comlabs to answer a few light questions regarding the incentric character. I asked one of his good friends how long he has known him…

‘I met him in 2011(when I first started at Wellington High), so about 3 years.’

Do you think Tyler’s behaviour and antics have become gradually crazier over his time here?

It’s hard to document when or where he gets stranger. You know?

For you, what was Tyler’s strangest moment at school?

Well, it wasn’t strange – but it was quite amazing.I remember it happened during the Year 10 camp in 2012, and we were walking the whole school to the camp, and most of us had come down the hill to get to the buildings, and Tyler was still at the top of the hill. He looked down at the students below him, and let out a colossal roar of “HOOOAYYEEE” – one of the loudest I’ve heard. And so many students responded with their own “hoaye”, it was almost cultish with everyone responding back to him.

Have you been with him when he’s done anything out-of-the-ordinary out of school?
Well, yes.
What was the strangest thing he’s done in public?
Probably the time he was cross-dressing at McDonalds.

Well, that’s certainly something.
Well, yes.

So why do you think he’s so loud in the Cafe?  
He gets enthusiastic around his friends and cannot control his volume, you know?

No matter how many people in Year 12 you ask, many will never fail to mention Tyler’s love for making people laugh. Usually, his tactic is to seemingly do things that would be embarrassing for one’s self. But for him, doing outrageous things is his passion.

I have never understood his need to come to school in a bra, high heels, a corset or a horse mask – but ask any person in Year 12 why that “loud guy in the Cafe” is wearing a bra and using the Cafe table as a slide, most, if not all, will tell you this is nothing out of the ordinary. I wanted to really understand why he does this, among his other strange tendencies. To avoid any fruitful encounter, I asked him a few grilling questions over Facebook chat:

Tyler Green Q&A: 


Tyler Green, thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to talk to me!
May I start by asking the cliche question; what makes Tyler Green, Tyler Green? What are you hobbies, interests?

Well my interests are playing gaming, I’m playing Skyrim right now. Going on my laptop and using it to browse the web, talk to friends and play around with applications. I also try to make it more fun to use and have the UI more interesting I guess. I also really enjoy hanging out with my friends and having deep conversations about philosophy and being total idiots like shouting loudly and climbing over each other.  I also have a strong interest in engineering, mainly electronics and wish to get a career in that area.
My hobbies are playing Skyrim, going on my laptop and building with lego and k’nex I also do target shooting as a sport and have a couple of trophies… Oh and I also really enjoy Halo and read about it sometimes.

That’s quite a list of activities, so what are your real passions?  

I’m most passionate about electronics I guess and I’m obsessed with virtual reality and other cool electronics. I love playing with them and learning how to use them. Recently I’ve had an obsession with magnets and wish to try and want to create levitation and perpetual motion.

So how about in school, what subjects do you find you enjoy the most?

My favourite subject… God drama is lots of fun, while electronics is really interesting and MEG all makes sense so is really easy and I get to work at my own pace. I guess my favourite class has to be electronics when we’re doing theory or I get to make a new circuit. Yeah definitely. electronics, love electronics!

Yes, and you seem to know a lot about it too. Impressive. So what’s a topic that’s as far away from electronics as I can get to grill you on. How about… politics? If John Key were to walk into the room right now, what would you say to him?

What would I say if I met John Key? God I dunno, call him a bloody joker and ask why the hell he’s doing what he’s doing and ask if he even knows what’s going on.  

Not a bad answer! Now, I’m sure readers have heard your trademark “HOOAYYEE” by now, (if they go anywhere near the Cafe or the Drama room), what are the origins of this chant?

The origon of HOAYE!!!! Hahaha oh wow, it started in year 10 food tech, one of the funnest classes I’ve had.
Bennett and I pared up and we had to make something, I’m not sure what. And he would go, “whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa, aaayyyyyeeee!!!!!” then I would go “whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa ” and he would go “whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa” then we would both say, “aaayyyyeeee!!!” and hug happily. This lasted a couple of weeks and expanded!

Wow! Perhaps I do seem to recall that, yes. Thanks for answering my questions.


Tyler’s loud and friendly nature probably comes from what his evident in this Q&A – he is passionate about things. He is passionate about his work, friends and hobbies. You need not be scared away by his manic yelling, booming voice, his frighteningly flexible limbs or his sometimes strange and comical dress sense. Knowing Tyler has been an extremely colourful chapter of my time at Wellington High School. I thank Mr. Tyler Green for taking time out of schedule for talking to me.  .


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