Public health system fails thousands, Minister ignorant as Doctor operates for free on needy patients.



Revelations on tonight’s TVNZ Sunday program have uncovered a dark side to New Zealand’s poorly funded health system. 

In poverty stricken Christchurch, an area horrifically ignored by the Government, hundreds are turning to a new style of healthcare – a free one, performed and personally managed by Dr Philip Bagshaw, who is giving up his free time to treat unwell patients in need of instant healthcare in the city. Sunday has labeled New Zealand’s health system a ‘crisis’, as charity hospitals pop up around Christchurch for desperate people of all ages in need of medical treatment. Medical treatment, that one could only presume, should have been funded by the Government in a time of supposed economic prosperity and book surpluses. 

But increasingly Christchurch residents, burdened by poverty, the rising cost of living, rent and housing are having to resort to such treatments. There are growing fears the New Zealand health system is so poorly funded, charitable health services such as Dr. Bagshaw’s in the Christchurch suburbs, will soon have to start popping up nationwide. As soon as Sunday’s story was broken to Facebook, hundreds of Kiwis took to the program’s social media page asking where they could find charitable hospitals outside of Christchurch. 

Others commented their disappointment that the health system has become one of which only serious illness is treated in, when thousands grow sick in both impoverished and non-impoverished conditions. 

People once again took to social media, firstly to vent their anger at an ignorant Health Minister and secondly their praise for local good-Samaritan Dr. Bramshaw. One commented: 

“Minister Tony Ryall, since when did unwell people WANT to have elective surgery? It’s not a matter of WANT but of NEED and your public health system is not delivering!! Dr Bagshaw, you are a legend!” 

Others questioned why the Government was choosing to spend $5m on billionaire yachtsman, and not the health needs of hundreds upon thousands of New Zealanders. 

Hundreds also shared their stories and fondness for Dr. Bramshaw, who is giving up the majority of his spare time to care for people the Government simply won’t. Other comments calling the Minister into question included: 

Thanks to all the wonderful people in the public health system who make it work despite the government. It is disgusting when a young man with a family to support cant get a minor operation in a public hospital instead of putting interest rates up to control inflation and make banks rich why not put tax up to pay for more elective surgery dumb idea ?” 
Mr. Ryall I know you are resigning soon – but can you possibly speed that up and stand down tomorrow? You are a disgrace 
Health and Education should be highest priorities not for political promises but real spending. When we have MP’s who remember that they are supposed to represent us rather than feather their own nests we may see some real results.
Good thing the Minister of Health will not be standing again.

B. Morgan, [Insiders]. 


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