NPYINP update: Okato.

What do youth think of Okato?

Yesterday (Saturday 14th June 2014) New Plymouth Youth in Politics visited Okato on a mission – to see what youth think of the town.

Arriving into the town, you go from long distance paddocks fill of green grass, to a vibrant & thriving environment that would make anyone tick and that’s one of the reasons we can confirm, Okato is a great place for youth!

We went to lots of different places in Okato including Stony River of which we’ve posted a few photos on this post.

While at Stony River we spoke with Okato locals, no young people at Stony River but we did see some in the distance on scooters, and on a farm hard at work. We spoke with members of the public from outside of the district in places like Auckland and Wellington too!

Stony River was remarkable, even in winter! I think we may have got lost on someone’s property at one point, but that’s OK because we soon found ourselves in the town centre at Okato Takeaways.

Okato, you people are pretty lucky to have the best tasting takeaway place in the district, possibly in the nation. I wanted to go back just for Okato Takeaways last night while back in New Plymouth – the drive was too long though!

While walking around the CBD there were citizens of all ages and we were able to go get a drink from the foursquare, before heading across the road to what could be described as, the heart hub of Okato.

The new skate park and play ground in the central business district of Okato of which had recently been opened, could only be painted by happiness. A large amount of young people ranging from 2 year olds, to 20 were at the skatepark and playground.

We surveyed a few people while in Okato, 35 young people under the age of 25.

We asked ‘Do you think Okato brings young people lots of different opportunities and friendships.”

100% of those surveyed said yes. In fact, Luke a 14 year old Okato teenager told us “Okato is the best place to grow up in because of the good friends and feelings you get”, Jessica, 17, told us “Living in Okato was the best choice my parents could have made because the opportunities that are given to you”

Young people seemed happy with how Okato was ticking along and there was rarely anything that could be improved however there was some young people saying they want easier public transport in the future.

Youth in Politics left Okato with the overall sense that young people love Okato. New Plymouth Youth in Politics will continue to hear from young people in Okato to ensure that they’re heard in the Taranaki district.

Youth in Politics will be coming to Waitara, Oakura and Bell Block soon so we will advise you all of the dates.

Thanks Okato!

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