Revisiting The Confusion Chronicles | John Key’s 2010 budget.


This post is not really going to be about the budget – although I do feel like John Key has personally said to me “run out and buy yourself something pretty young lady” with the whole 14 dollars extra a week he has given me. But I guess with the added GST on the something pretty it will all be something pretty disappointing.
I may not really want to talk about the budget, but I do want to talk about the dangers of facebook, and to be precise the invitation aspect of facebook.
Tomorrow night I am going to a engagement party that I don’t think I am really invited to. I was invited via facebook – and I gladly said yes, because quite frankly there were some rather dishy young men who had also said they were going; and as I may be turning into a cougar I thought I should go and practise my prowling skills. Here is the part of the story that reveals I may not have meant to be invited, but was just an accidental slip of the button on facebook. I bumped into the female half of the engaged couple as she was out shopping for, and I quote “shoes to wear to an engagement party” I replied, “How handy, you could also wear them to your own” she then said “if we have time to have one” Hmmmmmmm, I thought, that is awfully strange because according to your facebook page you have already booked out part of The Southern Cross and invited lots of guests (me included) and many people have said yes (also, me included) Are you telling me that you are now going to facebook them all and tell them that you actually don’t have the time, even though you do have the shoes?? Nope, I don’t think that is what she meant at all, I actually think she did not go through a process of selection on her facebook page and now she has a whole bunch of people coming who she does not really want to see (me included)
Oh well, never mind, I will just go a prowlin’ in a pretty little outfit which will only cost me 14 dollars. Thanks again John


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