Planet Key and the Pacific vote: quick thoughts on PM’s comments on Labour’s migration stance.


Just heard the PM on One News saying he suspects the Pacific vote to come over to National this election because Labour has noted migration as a potential affect on housing prices.

Firstly Prime Minister, the Pacific Island communities who can vote already live in New Zealand. They wouldn’t be exempt from buying homes in New Zealand under proposed migration controls because the vast majority are New Zealanders, born and bred. Idiot.

Secondly, Pacific home ownership is at a RECORD low under your government, and these people (most of whom live the most deprived parts of the country) can never dream of buying a home.

His comments are outlandish, hopeful and desperate and he has proven the National party as a bunch of racial thinkers – when in fact, the issue on citizienship is just that – an issue on whether or not you are a citizen, race doesn’t come into it.


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